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The Top 10 Reasons Your Child Should Read:

1: A child that reads on a regular basis will have a better chance at succeeding in school.

2: Reading can open all kinds of new doors for your child, as it is a fun activity that can expand their imangination.

3: Reading and writing are important ways we use language to communicate.

4: Reading with your child is a great bonding experience they will never forget.

5: Reading helps your child build self-esteem and self-confidence that will help them with lifelong skills.

6: When a child reads a book with fun entertaining pictures, they will learn to relate the pictures with the words they are reading, helping them to be a more advanced reader in school and excel in other subjects as well.

7: Reading a book before bed will help your child to be able to turn off the rest of the day and have a good night's sleep.

8: A child that starts reading at a young age is more apt to pick up a book than sit in front of the tv or video games.

9: Children who love to read when they are young will grow up to have more opportunities in life.

10: Children who read Succeed!



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I Live Inside Your Head

My first children's book, I Live Inside Your Head, was published and released to the public February 2011. I was a nursing student, working full time as a med tech in a traumatic brain facility and taking a course at the Institute of Children's Literature at the time I decided to write this. I knew in my heart that I didn't want to be a nurse, or a med tech. I wanted to write. I was inspired by the patients in the brain facility to write a children's book about the brain. I never realized how delicate the brain really was and I wanted to stress the importance of taking care of your brain to small children in a fun, exciting way that makes learning exciting! That is when this book came to life..

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A Ladybug's Defense

A Ladybug's Defense, is part one of the fascinating bugs series. I've always been fascinated with ladybugs and know a lot of kids that share that interest with me. This book is geared toward children ages 8 to 12.  It's full of fun educational facts about ladybugs, as well as exciting pictures to help draw the readers attention and to keep them interested. This book teaches about how ladybugs use their spots to defend themselves against predators and keep from becoming a midday snack. If your child is a ladybug lover, then they are sure to love this book! 

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